Smart Class

A  well equipped smart class which makes learning an enjoyableexperience for student, Improves academic performance of student,enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class Library.


A well stocked library more than 4000 books. There is a good collection of various subject books, journals, magazines and encyclopedia.

Art Room

The school has separate rooms for importing in the field of art and craft which the student love to visit. The art room is a place where students are taught to give reign to their imagination and use pencil and colours to create their own masterpieces, while craft room is a place where they can create wonderful items using waste material and bits of coloured paper.

Computer Lab

Alab that teaches not just computer science a as subject, but also,the integration of computer skills for learning of other subjects inthe curriculum.

Physics Labs

Well planned spacious and adequately physics, chemistry and biology labs with latest instrument, gadgets, equipments charts and models to experiment, observe, interpret, analyze and develop a scientific temper.

Sports Infrastructure

StateLevel Cricket Academy

“Sportsteaches us lesions which cannot be taught on a blackboards (SachinTendulakar)

Theschool aim at providing opportunities to experience children avariety of sports & play as a member of a team. The school has awide range of sports activities including a state level cricketacademy

Cultural Activity

Cultural activities not only fulfil the aesthetic and creative urge of the student, but also promote a positive self-concept and a sense of achievement though anticipation and stage exposure. Through Varied activities like foundation day celebration, Grand Parents celebration, Special Assemblies, the school not only indentify the hidden talent of the student but also help in polishing it.